We are pretty certain that an Blandford Media client coined the phrase, “Don’t worry, we’ll fix it in post.” Our multi-award-winning team offers the full spectrum of finishing services from offline editing to complex HD compositing and 5.1-surround sound design.

Creative editorial

  • Broadcast spot, feature length film, promotional piece or corporate event – whatever your medium, the core objective is to convey your message with the most impact. We know that in order to affectively influence your audience we must effectively create your vision. Blandford Media’s award-winning editorial artists use their remarkable skills, Final Cut Pro and an extensive toolbox of high-end digital applications to craft the narrative or work an existing script and turn your concept into a reality.

Sound design

  • How important is it? Imagine watching a scene of destruction caused by a horrifying storm. Without sound design, where is the eerily, whipping wind, the distant sirens, the muffled 2-way police radio? You get the idea. From simple music tracks to full 5.1 surround sound mixes, our award winning audio design artists and engineers use the latest technologies and an expansive music – sound effects library to create engrossing, meaningful audience experiences for media and physical environments.

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