About Us

Blandford Consulting works with a range of multimedia platforms that span across our core specialist areas. With our team of researchers, script writers, professional camera men, video directors, editors and creative arts resource people, we provide quality, creative and sustainable media products and solutions that include:

  • Corporate video documentaries
  • Corporate television and radio adverts
  • Coverage of key national and international events
  • Developing corporate communication strategies and media liaison
  • Producing corporate integrated sustainability reports in line with the GRI

At Blandford Consulting, we develop training materials, guides, information booklets and film video documentaries as training and communication tools for relevant communities of practice. We also use various multi-media platforms (including social network media) as communication and advocacy tools.

Blandford Consulting has recently produced the following corporate videos:

  • Business and Human Rights in South Africa documentary for AICC and Aim for Human Rights
  • Business Action Against Corruption documentary in Africa for the Commonwealth Business Council
  • Video Lectureship Series on Business Integrity – for Business Unity South Africa (BUSA) Mentoring Program
  • Africa Export Import Bank Corporate Video on Africa titled: “Africa: The Continent of the Century”
  • Youth and Agriculture documentary for UNDP

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Blandford Media Videos

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